Okay, so when I first started dating my now husband I thought it was really cool he was such a great swimmer. We met at the Olympic Training Center (me-triathlon, Lucas-pentathlon) he had returned from Iraq the week prior and still could bust out a 1:00 100free long course meters at 6000 feet. This is after not swimming for an entire year. I was impressed. Most of all, I was hoping he could help my swim a little! Well, it never really worked out. You see, he says things like, “You just need to….” or “Just put it in another gear” or “You’re making it too hard, it’s easy.” Hello, if it was easy, wouldn’t I have figured it out a long time ago? And I am trying!! And you just need to shove it!! Let’s just say I tend to get a little sensitive….This past weekend my parents came to visit so we got to swim together. We had a nice group at the pool, and Rob was there so I knew it would be a good workout. Lucas killed us and then decided to “help” my swimming. He sat on the end of the pool while I “played” swim golf. It wasn’t pretty, and I got more and more frustrated, which means I turned into a giant baby snapping at every helpful hint. Finally Rob piped in with, “He’s just trying to help you!” Okay, I feel bad now. I really do like you, Lucas. But for now, I think it’s best we do not swim together. Or if we do, you owe me a run so I can “help” you with your form 🙂 Seriously, I am so lucky to have someone that knows what he’s talking about. But I get the remote….

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Rob Chance · April 23, 2009 at 2:57 pm

Ha… I’m glad that I have never tried to offer up any advice. Poor guy. We do need to break out the parachute and the stretch cord again;-)

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