I will keep this brief! I apologize to my avid readers for my lack of blogging. And by avid readers, I mean you, Mom. I raced the Kansas 70.3 the weekend before last. I ended up 7th in just over 4:29, with Chrissie Wellington taking top honors. I wasn’t thrilled with my swim and bike, but my run is getting better. The thing about racing Pro is sometimes you end up by yourself, and the bike ended up feeling like a lonely training day. I need to make sure I keep my head in the game, and I know that just takes practice. Also, a better swim always means you’re around more people. So, lesson learned! I did get my Clearwater slot–however, I left before I had time to claim it. Gwyn got into household cleaner, “Tough & Tender,” which isn’t so tender after all. Lucas and I rushed back to take her to Urgent Care, which of course was closed on Sunday evening. So we sat in the ER until midnight. Poor girl had chemical conjunctivitis and a scratched cornea. Then on Monday Rowan got sick…long story short, my “recovery” week was short on sleep, and 5 of 6 days at the ER or Dr.’s office. Ahhhh, the joys of motherhood! This week is the Jones family reunion to welcome Trevor home. Should be fun and full of training partners!

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