Coaching Philosophy

Triathlon should compliment and enrich your life. I have been a Professional Triathlete for 11 years, a triathlete for 22 years, a former Division 1 collegiate
runner, and a triathlon coach for 10 years. My athletes have ranged from pros, elite amateur, to first timers that have caught the triathlon bug looking to complete anything from a sprint to an Ironman. As my professional racing slows down, I finally have the opportunity to take on more athletes to coach, a passion that is deeper than my own racing. From my early days as an amateur to my most competitive professional days I have made it no secret that I had and have obligations and commitments “bigger” than triathlon.

Life gets hard, complicated: juggling work or family or whatever it is that is outside of swim/bike/run. Early on I doubted if I could ever be good enough to go pro, let alone a good pro. Let me let you in on a secret—everyone has stress, everyone has commitments, everyone has a life. The key to success in this sport (or any sport for that matter) is how you handle and navigate the stress, how you balance the commitments without losing sight of what really matters. Having navigated these murky waters with other women, I’m here to help you down the path to achieving your dreams.

The great thing is when you really get it down and figure it out, you find the obligations and commitments actually compliment triathlon and vice versa. Results and goals are met with a realistic, patient and thorough approach to your training and racing. Whether you are the most elite in your age group at Kona or USAT Nationals or looking to complete your first 5k, you need someone who can guide you. Having helped women at all levels, meeting them at whatever starting point they may be at… I think the relationship with your coach is FUNDAMENTAL.

Therefore, I invite you to set up a time for us to chat and see if we are a good fit for each other – email me at If we are, you and I will map out a comprehensive approach that includes not just training but the considerations outside of training, not only will you accomplish your goals, you will thrive.

Single Sport Personal Coaching

Not into multisport (yet) or just want to focus on one discipline for a bit? With the same training philosophy we will approach your goals with comprehensive and detailed training via Training Peaks. Communication is timely and unrestricted whether it’s by phone, email, messenger, or text. If you race, we will also approach races with a detailed taper and race plan, which also includes the mental, nutritional, and equipment preparation and execution. While a comprehensive plan will be in place, there will be no skimping on the details either. Let me help you achieve your greatest potential!

  • Running: $75 sign up fee, $125 per month (6 month minimum)
  • Swimming: $75 sign up fee, $125 per month (6 month minimum)
  • Cycling: $75 sign up fee, $125 per month (6 month minimum)

Triathlon Personal Coaching

The world of multisport is a world of give and take. With my training philosophy we approach your goals with both comprehensive and detailed training via Training Peaks. I believe the key to success is timely and unrestricted communication whether by phone, email, messenger, or text. As we navigate the fine balance of swim/bike/run we approach each in a way to maximize each discipline to achieve the greatest result. This works the same way whether you are elite or just a beginner. Races will include a
detailed taper and race plan encompassing the mental, nutritional, and equipment preparation and execution. Details matter! Sign up now to reach your greatest potential!

  • Triathlon: $75 sign up fee, $225 per month (6 month minimum)


60 minutes via phone or in person if local. Do you have some ideas or questions to bounce off of me? Perhaps you aren’t ready for detailed training yet. No problem. Let’s schedule some time to hash out your current training plan or race schedule. I can also advise on nutritional, mental and equipment questions. Give me a ring and let’s talk.

  • 60 minute consultation: $75

Swim Analysis

In Person – 45 minutes. Here’s the bottom-line: Technique matters. Technique in open water matters even more. Ever feel like you’re swimming a ton and not improving? Might be time to fine tune. Or what if you can’t even put your head in the water? I can help with that too. This is a small investment that makes huge dividends. Let me help you with technique and tips to swim whether in a pool or open water.

  • 45 minute in-person consultation: $80 (Athlete responsible for associated pool fees)
  • Online consultation: $70

Run Analysis

How you run matters. Spending time on your run form makes you a more efficient, faster runner. Who doesn’t love free speed? With a thorough gait analysis we can fine tune that stride so you are maximizing your potential running.

  • 45 minute in-person consultation: $80
  • Online consultation: $70