So yesterday was the famous World Championships of Claremore, the annual Spring Fever Sprint Triathlon. We’re going old school here with a 400 meter snake swim at 10 second intervals, 12 mile bike, and two mile run. This is a fun race because it is low key and you get to hang out and talk trash with your training partners and get the legs moving fast! This year my goal was to try to come within two minutes of the men’s leader, which I knew could be tough since Chuck Sloan would be there. Anyway, I was seated 9th, Amanda R. 8th, and then Duncan Wise and Dana Chance 12th and 13th. I passed one swimmer and caught up to Chuck, had a quick transition and was off. I noticed once out on the bike there was only one guy in front of me–I must have had a really quick transition! The bike was a bit hilly and out and back, so you got to see everyone. At the turn around I knew I could catch the guy in front of me, the problem is Chuck passed me, and he was on a stinking road bike! Thanks for adding insult to injury 🙂 Dana looked super strong on the bike, Duncan speedy on his new bike and trying to hold off the fast charging Larry Krutka. And Amanda, super swimmer, was charging along. I was so proud! Remember, she was my crew in New Orleans and if she ever really decides to do triathlon she is going to kill it! Anyway, coming back into transition I’m pulling my feet out of the shoes, look up and see this giant white truck coming the opposite direction turning right in front of me. All I’m thinking is, “This is not happening, really? I’m going to break my neck at Spring Fever.” I slam on the brakes and begin to turn my body so that my I will hit the cab from the side rather than my head. Oh, and I’m yelling quite a few explicatives that hopefully my children or other small kids did not hear!! I guess the driver heard them because he accelerated so I just missed his bumper. Needless to say this was the highest my heart rate got the whole race. My adrenaline was so high I came out of T2 sprinting and I think I had a pretty good run–but there are no splits posted yet so I can just believe that for now….

I did come with 2 minutes of Chuck (yes!) and Dana took home the overall 2nd, Amanda won her age group, and Duncan just missed Larry. Larry and Donna Krutka are such studs it’s hard to be upset when they beat everyone. But we will be working on Duncan’s transitions for next year. I think it might be time for him to ditch his bucket!

Afterwards my kids were mad at me. As I started the run Lucas was pushing them in the jogger. Gwyn sees me, puts her hand up and yells, “Mama!!” This isn’t a happy “Mama” but a, “What the heck are you doing, you forgot me, come back here immediately!!” They got over it with the free pizza and granola bars. Is that bribing your kids?

All in all a great, fun day. Oh, but maybe a bit more traffic control for next year!

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