I love this photo–Rowan sticking up for me to my bro…
All my siblings together

cousins…a little blurry…my kids not cooperating….

That’s right sista‘! Bring it on!! This is for not letting me borrow those
Guess jeans!!

Nice move, Jenn…

It helps that I’m an Amazon compared to my sister….

Elliot(bro 1) takes on Jeremy (bro 2)…Trevor (bro 3) watching….

Woahhh! Low blow El! Jeremy protecting his money maker…

Trevor trying to beat Elliot while my neice and sister-in-law heckle….

While I was on break this summer we had a family reunion to celebrate my little brother Trevor’s return home. In order to satisfy the Jones competitiveness, we started a tether ball competition. I won the women’s division. Granted, I only played 1 person, my older sister, I now have a better winning record in tether ball than triathlon! Hmmmmmmmm……….

In training news, my build going into Longhorn 70.3 has been going well. I love the taper as I’m able to get so many things done! I’m trying not to be too OCD and clean like crazy because really the point of taper is to rest, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. The most exciting part of Longhorn is my Dad is doing the race. He turned 65 last month. It’s always so much for fun to do a race with someone. Also, it’s always fun to catch up with friends! With the end of the year just around the corner it’s always an exciting time!
Until next time….

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