Becky, Rachel, and Trevor together again

Rachel getting her patriotism on….

I knew that I would be hit or miss with the new blog. In my defense, my kids did learn to crawl out of their cribs, which created a sleep disruption in the whole house for a few weeks. But like anything, with time they are napping and sleeping through the night in their new twin size bed! Training has been going great, it’s getting hot in Tulsa, and blah blah blah. I will spare you the details. I’m sitting here sweating and not feeling very witty (but am I ever as witty as I might think? Probably not, ask my husband…) The BIG news is…I’m expecting twins again! Okay, not really. Just making sure you’re paying attention. My little brother Trevor is back from Iraq!!! He got back this past weekend! After the race in Kansas this weekend, we’re headed for a little family reunion, which will be awesome. It’s not often we all can get together, and unfortunately we might be missing my brother Jeremy and his wife Pearl. The other news is that they graduated medical school over Memorial Day Weekend, and they are starting their residency at Vanderbilt. I love calling Jeremy, “Docta Jonez!!” like that little Asian kid in Indiana Jones, do you know who I’m talking about? I think maybe Temple of Doom? Who knows, I’m rambling….One last thing…Duncan, don’t kill me for telling this story, but every time I think about it I laugh. Duncan, a retired firefighter and upstanding citizen of Tulsa, is doing his first 70.3 in Kansas this weekend. We were talking about his nutrition for the race and I told him there would be water on the bike course. He then says, in a thick Southern accent, “Shoooot, for two hundred dollars there oughtta give us water, gatorade, (slight pause) and wipe my a$$!” Well put, Duncan!! I’ll be sure to pass that along!
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